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Festive Gift Set

Festive Gift Set

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Spread love to your family & friends with Goodmart's Festive Christmas Gift Set. Comprised of our best-selling snacks from international brands, this will surely be a gift that they will love & never forget!

Each Festive Gift Set includes:
-1 Lorenz Naturals Sea Salt & Pepper 100g
-1 Lorenz Pomsticks Sour Cream 100g
-1 Hwa Tai Luxury Crackers Tiramisu 200g
-1 Seleco Seaweed Sandwich w/ Almond and Sesame 15g
-1 Seleco Nori Crispy Seaweed Original Flavor 36g
-1 Blue Diamond Roasted Salted Almonds 30g
-1 Nutwalker Dry Roasted Pistachios 35g

*Each gift set comes with a free Goodmart Christmas Gift Bag



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